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Posted by admin - March 13, 2015

While most weight loss programs show promising signs in the beginning, most fail mid-way owing to the body’s tolerance to the supplements used. This is why most people never seem to make significant progress when trying to shed off excess fat.

Slimfy acknowledges this fact and moves to remedy the program by offering a three-stage progressive weight loss program. A supplement for every stage
Slimfy takes on a strategic approach to weight loss by providing three stages meant to help users shed excess fat and keep the body fit and healthy.
Stage one – detoxification and mild weight loss
The first stage is dedicated to preparing the body for weight loss through detoxification, as this enhances and cleanses the digestion system. To this end, the supplement offered for this stage comes with the ideal ingredients for a full body detox, including:
• Ginger – it helps to enhance the blood circulation level while also suppressing inflammation and headaches.
• Milk thistle – helps heal the liver while also enhancing its capabilities to filter off toxins from the blood. It also helps treat allergies and heartburns.
• Saffron – Saffron is especially effective for cleansing the blood and preventing hardening of the arteries. It also prevents cancer, insomnia, shock and depression among other conditions.
• Hydrangea – this ingredient is especially effective in clearing and cleansing the urinary system.
• Green coffee bean extract – a natural fat burner, green coffee bean extract helps kick-start the weight loss process rather than contribute to further detoxification. This is way better than Garcinia Cambogia.
Stage two – enhanced weight loss
This stage addresses the problem of excess body weight. To this end, the ingredients offered in the supplement are primarily meant to burn fat and calories. They include:
• Green coffee bean extract – this takes over from stage one, further burning more fats and calories after the detoxification stage has been successfully passed.
• Maqui berry – this berry helps enhance the body’s metabolism rate, in effect increasing the amount of fats and calories burn even while at rest.
• Saffron – in this stage, saffron is especially useful in uplifting the user’s spirits to help them form a positive attitude towards the task while also performing their day-to-day tasks with more vigor.
• Resveratrol – also found in wine, this ingredient promotes cardiovascular health while also increasing the muscles’ endurance for prolonged exercising.
• Raspberry ketone extract – raspberry extract not only helps increase the body’s metabolism level, but it also inhibits synthesis of lipids.
• CoQ10 – this ingredient resembles a natural vitamin and helps strengthen the body’s immunity against cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Here, it is primarily used to increase the muscles’ endurance, helping users exercise for longer and burn more fat and calories.
Stage three – weight loss maintenance
The results of Slimfy weight loss programs will be clearly visible in the course of the second stage. The third stage as such comes in to help users maintain their ideal body weight and looks. This is achieved through ingredients such as:
• CoQ10 – helps increase muscle endurance for prolonged exercising.
• Green tea extract – helps detoxify the body while also increasing the body’s metabolism rate, allowing it to burn more fats and calories.
• African mango extract – it helps inhibit the formation of lipids while also increasing the body’s metabolic rate.
• Lychee extract – it helps curb appetite for lesser fat and calories intake.
• Caralluma fimbriata – an appetite suppressant for lesser fat and calories intake
Slimfy has been shown to be especially effective for burning off stubborn belly fat, which has always proven the hardest to get rid of. In addition, the three stages of the program ensure that you not only lose weight and achieve a lean, fit, and healthy body, but also that you maintain it for a fulfilling future too. (Read More Slimfy Reviews Here)

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