Our Services

Our servives are categories into information, technical advisory and professional consultant.

Information on most aspects of the agri-food business can be obtained from this website and at the Centre in the form of publications, videos, exhibits and CDs.

Technical assistance on matters relating to agri-food production and processing can be obtained from Ministry of Agriculture specialists through e-mail, Agri-food BDC Center, fax or telephone. Appointments for face-to-face meetings with the specialists can also be made through the same channels.

Professional consultation and advice on financial and investment matters will be provided by a panel of private sector experts appointed by the Ministry later. Please consult the centre for details.

The Agri-food Business Development Centre (Agri-food BDC) online is a virtual one-stop resource and information centre that was set-up by the Ministry of Agriculture to help support and develop Malaysia’s agri-food business community. It is tailored to meet the needs of existing players in the agricultural and food business, as well as potential investors in the sector.

It is equipped with all the information and tools necessary to help the private sector conduct feasibility studies on proposed projects, or develop plans to expand existing ventures in agricultural and food production.  Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage is provided for the main sub-sectors in agriculture, namely:

  • - Crop
    –          Livestock
    –          Fisheries
    –          Agro-based products

Also on offer is valuable access to Ministry of Agriculture specialists and its panel of financial and investment experts from the private sector.

The virtual Agri-food BDC is supported by its physical counterpart situated at the Ministry of Agriculture.


All are welcome.

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